The 1980s slogan for the Commodore 64 taught us that “You Can’t Buy A Better Computer At Twice The Price”. Apparently, you also can’t buy a working C64 disk drive, irrespective of price.

I could have spent my night playing Skyrim, doing a write-up on my recently aquired Atari XEGS (don’t worry, I’ll get there eventually!) or all manner of fun, exciting and ridiculously entertaining things.

Instead, I spent my night buried in the dusty innards of the Commodore 1541-II disk drive.

Two Commodore 1541-II disk drives actually, neither of which I can get to work consistently. Those close to me will know I’ve been on a pilgrimage of sorts for a floppy drive ever since I got my C64, having decided that the alternative – the data-cassette – must surely be the inferior of the two forms of media drive.  It would seem that I was wrong, so far the humble tape drive kicks the floppy drives arse in terms of, you know, actual usefullness.

I’ve waited too long to be foiled by crummy hardware.  But is it crummy hardware? Or is it dodgy media? Or am I somehow not doing “it” right? I’m not really sure, but I’ve pulled apart both drives to clean the drive heads and it hasn’t really changed the situation.  There will be more effort during the week, but for the moment I’ve cracked the total sads, and am heading to bed.  Until I return, please enjoy these random pictures of my trying to clean a C64 drive, and some of my latest retro acquisitions (Spot the new Sega Master System games? That takes my SMS collection up to 46 boxed games. W00t!)

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  1. Did you end up getting the 1541-II working in the end? If you can be bothered posting it down, I’d be happy to test it on my rig now that I have my C128 behaving itself and a decent pile of games. Or alternatively you could fire some floppy disks my way and I’ll get some verified software on them? That option’s probably easier/more practical to be honest 😛 Let me know.

    Oh, and that’s a beautiful pile of Master System games 🙂 Damn I love that machine 😀

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