Linkage.  It’s like a drug.  A really good drug.

Logging onto your blog, checking the visitors dashboard and seeing that you’ve been mentioned in some way by another site, forum or blog, that’s powerful stuff.

If Linkage really were a drug, it’d be cocaine wrapped in smack, dipped in ice and left to dry on a bed of pineapple express in a California bungalow made of LSD.

The kind of substance that you’d just have to wave in front of your face for a split second to have it send you at warp-frick-speed into another dimension.

Anyway, the point of all this ramble is that my CD32 Toolkit Assistant – designed to ease the burden of making Amiga game compilations for the CD32 – was mentioned on another site (here if you’re interested).

There’s a reasonable amount of validation wrapped up in that casual linkage, I haven’t had a lot of people comment on the tool, so it’s nice to know that it is getting visibility out there in the chaos of the intertrons.

Good stuff.


2 Responses to Linkage…

  1. famicomblog says:

    I`m like that too. I love it when I log in and see someone has linked to my blog. Its a really great drug.

  2. I don’t get a lot of link love, but every time it happens I grin from ear to ear knowing that, in some way, my nerdy ramblings have managed to cause a reaction (for better or worse) from someone else in the great ether that is the interwebs.

    Nice work on the linkage 🙂

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