Kris Kringle: Retro Gaming Style

Kris Kringle (or Secret Santa if you prefer) isn’t a gig I usually get involved in.

Firstly, I’m far too lazy to be involved in the organisation of – or participation in – any kind of large scale gift swapping exercise. The name writing, shopping, spending limits, I’m tired just thinking about it. There’s also the fact it’s “secret” Santa. Why the hell is he so secret? What’s he got to hide? What sort of drug infused weekends of basement debauchery does this Santa engage in that he must have the prefix Secret in his title? I’ll wager my $10 Kris Kringle spending limit that Secret Santa is actually Charlie Sheen.

Anyway, this year I decided to throw myself into the KK engine, just for something different. I’m glad I did. My “Secret Santa” found me the most awesome and appropriate gift in the entire history of Kris Kringle. Our limit was $10, and somehow I scored a boxed Tandy TV Scoreboard, a circa 1970s console containing games like PONG and Tennis. Seriously, how awesome is that?

Thanks Charlie!

PS – despite appearances, it does not function as a phone.



One Response to Kris Kringle: Retro Gaming Style

  1. famicomblog says:

    Wow, THAT was less than 10$? Nice one.

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