A new year of market trips.

My semi-regular trips to the various local markets had understandably gone ‘on ice’ over the holiday period as things like Christmas and New Years Eve take precedence over leisurely trips to trash & treasure hotspots. However, 2012 has now firmly established itself – and as such – it’s time to get back into the habit of using some of those precious Sunday hours to check out what retro gaming stuff might be on offer.

The markets were unusually packed with both buyers and sellers today, no doubt a by-product of there being very little market activity over the past few festive weeks. With more general crap for sale comes the higher odds that there will be retro gaming crap for sale.

The odds didn’t disappoint.

I managed to pick up a Metroid Prime black Gamecube console (no controllers, but a power and video cord), a set of Sega Saturn controllers, 4 Gamecube titles in great condition with manuals (including Resident Evil and 2 Metroid titles!) and a couple of Sega Master System titles.  Not bad at all, and well worth bumping elbows with the freakish hobgoblins that trawl the Sunday markets.



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