A long time in-between drinks…

I’ve been terrible at updating the blog lately. I’ve observed that just about every blog has at least one gap of days or weeks of no activity followed by an ‘ I’ve been terrible at updating lately’ post, so I’m not too fussed.  The truth is that my retro collecting has been going on in the background in full force, it’s merely been that I’ve spent more time actually arranging, playing and fiddling with retro gear to find much time to write about it. I thought I’d bundle several recent additions to the collection into this single ‘value meal’ post.

As you can see from the pics below I’ve gathered several tasty new toys, everything from additions to my small (but growing) collection of boxed NES games to Street Fighter 2 figurines and Neo Geo AES carts (finally, I own more than just King of Fighters ’98 :P).  I managed to score a Nintendo Game & Watch Popeye Tabletop (complete with battery cover), a few new Game & Watches including Snoopy Tennis (pictured below) and even a Commodore 128D which you can also see in the pictures below. The 128D has quickly become my favorite Commodore machine (I have a 64 and 128 as well) mainly due to the fact I don’t need to connect a separate 5.25″ floppy drive, it has a working one built in. My collecting has turned mostly to filling out libraries of games as I have the console side largely sorted, but that doesn’t mean I don’t keep my eyes out for a bargain Dreamcast or Atari 2600 when I’m out and about.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures, and I’ll probably throw in another update soon as my spidey senses tell me a rather sweet SNES deal may be going down soon :).


One Response to A long time in-between drinks…

  1. Nice pictures mate! Lot’s of cool stuff you’ve got there. 🙂

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