Game & Watch collection

Thanks to some appreciative posts about my Game & Watch collection, I’ve decided to post some new photos of the entire collection (see below). While I love each of them for different reasons, I thought I’d take you through a few ‘award winners’ from my humble perspective 🙂 (Bear in mind these apply to my collection only. If I was considering EVERY Game & Watch, there might be a few alterations…)

  • Best looking Widescreen: Tropical Fish! Love the font used on the text around the screen, and the color is unique among the other G&W’s.
  • Best Looking Multi-Screen: I’m going to have to say Pinball. There’s something geek-deadly about all that shiny black.  It also rates as one of the most enjoyable to play.
  • Most Playable Game & Watch: A shared title because I couldn’t pick just one, the honors go to Pinball, Zelda and Donkey Kong II.
  • Rarest Game & Watch: I’d have to say Spitball Sparky. You see a fair few multi-screen and widescreens out there, and the occasional Micro Vs System, Tabletop and even Panorama, but it’s not often you come across a Super Color like Spitball Sparky or Crab Grab, even on greedBay.
  • Best box art: Zelda, easily! Anything Zelda looks great and the vibrant color art on the Zelda G&W box is no exception. It helps that the box I have is in mint condition too ;).

Anyway, on with the pics!

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2 Responses to Game & Watch collection

  1. Speechless. 😉 Well done!

  2. amiga4eva says:

    Haha, thanks mate – it’s been a long and expensive journey that is in no way over 🙂

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