Mystery game time! Super Mario 4?

Google knows everything. Well, just about everything. It knows the weather in Yemen and the date that X-files episode 6 of season 2 went to air (21st October 1994 for those interested) but it cannot – with all my searching – tell me anything about this cartridge….

What I do know, is that Supervision – infamous bootleg game makers – created several pirate carts for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. All the carts looked the same and came in the same boxes, but had different labels along the top denoting the game. I can find references and eBay listings for plenty of Supervision ‘Megacom’ NES carts, but nothing on Super Mario 4 (or IV as the title screen suggests).  Actually, that’s not entirely true, I did find a reference to Super Mario 4 on Bootleg Games WIKI, but it’s for the Gameboy.  So, anyone know things I don’t?




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