Collection pictures & CD32 Toolkit Assistant

Greetings people! Just a couple of minor bits of news. Firstly, I’ve added some updated pictures of my personal retro gaming collection to the page, you can find them by clicking the ‘My Collection’ button at the top of this page. The other piece of news is that I’m putting the finishing touches to CD32 Toolkit Assistant version  Not a major release in terms of functionality but there are some neat touches that have been (or are about to be) added, including

  • New menus allowing easy access to useful sites such as WinUAE, WHDLoad etc.
  • A re-design of the UI to make it a little simpler / less confusing. Some functions have been moved to menus as a result.
  • The tool can now check its version against the latest known version on the wordpress blog and notify you if there is an update you should download (requires internet connectivity)
  • Increased event logging in case there are issues with the tool.

Hope to have the new version up in the coming days.


One Response to Collection pictures & CD32 Toolkit Assistant

  1. Nice! Keep up the good work!

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