Snippet review – [CD32] Risky Woods

It’s Gods all over again! At least that’s the feeling I got when taking Risky Woods by Dinamic Software and Zeus Software out for a spin.  Featuring a main character who leaps from platform to platform in a fantasy world hurling knives at monsters and collecting coins and other trinkets, I really did get Gods deja-vu as soon as I started playing. Risky Woods however, doesn’t have the finesse of the Bitmap Brothers classic. The music and graphics – while nice – aren’t as polished as Gods for one thing, and the action on-screen ranges from hectic to downright bizarre.  Beyond the fact that there are skeletons and flying whatsits assaulting you from all angles all the time, there are  objects your character can collect from treasure chests that do all kinds of whacky shit, from flipping the screen upside down to simply killing you.  Yup, that’s right – so far as I can tell one of the powerups just kills you on the spot.

It’s hard enough to combat creatures nipping at your heels from 8 directions, but when you’re trying to do it upside down and dodging ‘rewards’ from treasure chests that cost you a life, it gets frustrating fast. Risky Woods has got a little too much action for my tastes, but still manages to be an above average platformer to check out on the CD32.


2 Responses to Snippet review – [CD32] Risky Woods

  1. Might try this one out. I remember reading a review of it a long time ago, but never played it. Is the CD32 version much different from the normal one?

  2. amiga4eva says:

    The CD32 version is the only one I’ve played, so I have nothing else to compare it to 🙂

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