Snippet review – [Megadrive] Dragon The Bruce Lee Story

Fired up this game for the first time tonight, and was pleasantly surprised.  What it boils down to is graphically decent fighting fare where you take control of Mr Lee himself and open a can of shirtless Ninja-fu on various bad guys in a giant nod to Street Fighter style games. From the short play I had, I was suitably impressed with the levels which feature some great use of parallax scrolling, a personal favorite 2D fighting game effect of mine 🙂

I couldn’t get past the first fight however, no matter how much I punched, kicked and threw myself around the screen. This game is hard, it seems your enemy can take a massive beating before falling over and you need some careful timing to ensure blows actually land.  It could just be that the first guy you face up against is difficult, but I’ll never know what the rest of the combatants are like because I can’t freaking get to them. Maybe with a little more practice. Anyway, I thought Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story would be immensely cheesy, but from a 5 minutes test-drive might actually be a decent fighting title.


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