CD32 Toolkit Assistant around the web

Well, it looks like I’ll be delaying the next version of the Toolkit Assistant just a little. I’m not happy with the UI, and I think it should take more of a ‘bouncing ball’ approach than having every option and function on a single screen. It will be easier to follow if the program leads you through each game addition and gives you more of a sense of how it is building the structure of the compilation.  Part of this decision, is the fact that the Toolkit Assistant is starting to get a mention in Amiga fan circles, most recently on and

These mentions have given me cause to believe that the tool will see a user base (small though it will be!) and therefore deserves some more thought about the interface and functionality. Will provide some screenshots etc when I’ve come up with the new UI.  A blog visitor also solved the issue of how to build compilations using games that don’t contain Disk.1, Disk.2 etc. images! Awesome stuff, thanks MarkOfWolves. I’ll be adding that feature to the next version.


One Response to CD32 Toolkit Assistant around the web

  1. Have seen quite a few comments on various forums and sites concerning your project, but sadly I can recall them right now. 🙂 Wish you the best of luck with the development. I’m definitely going to use it myself.

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