Commodore 64 woes

So I scored a bread bin Commodore 64, but unfortunately it looks to be – at least thus far – a dud. It powers up fine, but I can’t tune the sucker in. I did some research and found to my surprise, that the C64 has a fuse on the board which – if busted – can cause this exact problem.  Luckily I own three C64’s, and two of them are bread bins, so the obvious troubleshooting step was to swap fuses over.  Sounds good in theory, but it didn’t fix the problem. I can definitely see that the TV ‘almost’ tunes the 64 in, there is a point where the snow changes to an almost signal (a black screen with what looks like a really messed up V-hold/H-hold flickering image of the C64 start screen) but I can’t do any better than that.

Very strange.

It could simply be that the machine is fucked, but I’m desperately hoping it’s salvageable as I hate to let a 64 go to the grave. There is some shielding over a part of the board where the RF port comes in, I’m wondering if it’s worth tinkering in there but I doubt it.  I’m open to suggestions people! Having a duplicate working 64 is bound to make troubleshooting easier, but not if I don’t know where to go from here. If nothing else, this will serve as an informative journey through the innards of a C64.

I had someone suggest there might be some kind of dial or something on the board where you can adjust the RF, but I’m not seeing it. Off to Google I go…


One Response to Commodore 64 woes

  1. Is this a PAL or NTSC model?

    I’m no expert on the C64, but it does have a video-out port in addition to the built-in TV-modulator. This is some kind of S-Video port. Think you can get adapters for it.

    I found some information in a thread on Lemon64:

    “Another idea is to use your VCR as a RF modulator.

    Connect your VCR using a AV lead to your TV.
    Connect your C64 to the antenna socket on your VCR.

    Do a auto scan to find your C64 on your VCR. easy.

    In Australia our TVs still have Analog and Digital tuners
    I’m not sure about the rest of the world, this maybe why
    you will not be able to connect your C64 to the Antenna
    socket of TV in your country and you will need to use the AV
    or s-video ports.”

    Maybe that is worth trying?

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