Gameboy Booster

If any appliance has a chance of turning a Gameboy into a Gameman, it’s the ‘Booster’.

This third party product – an fascinating monstrosity to behold – acts a a sound, image and control amplifier for the humble Nintendo hand held.  You literally insert the Gameboy inside the Booster and hook into its internal speakers, joystick and even magnifying glass for the screen.  A fascinating concept that didn’t do to well back when its released, the Booster is nonetheless a cool bit of gaming paraphernalia to own and creates a novel, chunky Gameboy experience.

As an aside, the boxed Booster I was given (procured from a local op shop) turned out to be stuffed with random Gameboy game manuals as well. Super extra happy fun time win!


3 Responses to Gameboy Booster

  1. Wow! Looks awesome! Never seen that before. 🙂 Go Booster!

  2. I have to say – I’ve seen a lot of GB addons – but not that one. Just found your site and checking it out this afternoon – some cool articles to be sure. If you don’t object, I’ll link to it from my site? 🙂

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