A day of C128 love

I decided to wrap myself in some Commodore lovin’ on this freezing ANZAC day, so I pulled out my C128D to fire up a few random games from my ‘giant box of copied disks and tapes that I haven’t yet played through’.  Why the C128D? And not one of my trusty 64’s? Simple really – the C128D is an easier affair to hook up on my desk by virtue of the fact it has a built in 5.25″ floppy drive. There’s nothing more space-hogging than a C64, tape drive and monstrous 1541 disk drive combination, so the 128D is the better choice.

Plus I like the comforting noise of its little in-built fan whirring away in the background.

Anyway, pictures paint the story here, I took a few happy snaps of the various titles I chucked on for a look.  Some of the games featured below are Back to the Future (classic!), Transformers (confusing) and the oddly satisfying ‘Create with Garfield’ where you create pictures by putting together combinations of backgrounds, props, characters and blurbs from the Garfield series.  I am deeply concerned by how much fun I had with that one. Deeply.  Also, I find this link to be invaluable when navigating around the command line of any Commodore system.


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