The Collectibles Fair & Sunday Market

The collectibles fair I recently attended didn’t yield much in the way of retro goodies. From memory, I walked away with a boxed PS2 remote (oh joy) and an Xbox game (the admittedly cool Midway Arcade Treasures title).  I did however find and snag something that – while it isn’t retro gaming in itself – has been used to great effect to display bits of my current collection. You’ll see in the pictures below what turned out to be the perfect Nintendo Game & Watch display case! It fits all of my dual screen G&W units perfectly into each stand, and even spins around (though manually, by turning a wheel at the top of the case).

I’m thinking a couple of neon or halogen lights would set this thing off perfectly, but I don’t know if I’ve got the handy man skills to put in any lighting that doesn’t plug into a standard power point.

Other than that, the regular Sunday market trip turned up a couple of N64 carts, Donkey Kong Country for the SNES and a couple of boxed NES games (Smash TV and Tecmo World Cup Soccer). Not a bad weekend, but the display case was the pick of the bunch….


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