Read the f*cking manual!

Sunday is more than just a day of rest to the intrepid retro video game collector, it’s also – usually – market day. That glorious time of the week where you get to bump shoulders with misfits and Collingwood supporters as you delve deep into the garbage of others in order to find a bargain or two. I think today will forever more be coined “manual day” due to the inordinate amount of manuals found and picked up for a mere dollar or 2 each. Non-collectors will likely not see the value in scooping up fistfuls of game manuals without the games themselves, but to the collector it’s all about that magical word;


Just as having a boxed game without its manual causes the die hard collector fitful, restless sleep each night, finding the manual to complete the box causes unmatched waves of sheer joy. Yup, that’s right – the weepy kind of joy.

So anyway, see the pics below for the smattering of manuals I picked up today. I didn’t check first to see if I had the games, I figure for that price they should all be snapped up, then the games found at a later date. Enjoy!


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