Collector Spotlight #2: Robert Caselli

There are Mega-Man collections, and then there are Mega-Man collections. Robert Caselli from Victoria has the latter.

If you don’t know what we mean, check out the photos below. This guy is well on his way to owning everything Mega-Man related (hell, if there are Mega-Man adult nappies, Robert will find them), but in-between all this he also collects other stuff. Check out Robert’s collection, and Q&A below!

Who are you? And where are you from?

My name is Robert Caselli & I’m from Victoria.

What gaming systems did you grow up with?

At the ripe old age of 6 i got my first video game console from my oldies for my birthday, my childhood grew up with the Atari 2600.
Later on down the track it was the toaster Nes 😀

Describe your collection? What’s the focus? Where are you aiming to end up with it? When did you get started?

My collection is pretty much whatever i like, i get, the main focus though is pretty much my Megaman collection, it is something
i grew up with as a kid and has tuggfed my heartstrings ever since. The aim is to get every megaman item possible, my video game
collection started about 4 or so years ago.

Why did you start collecting? A general love of gaming? Re-living youth?

I started my collection not just for value purposes or the years of wonderful gaming but also so i can pass them down to my kids,
so they will understand the concept of gaming back in the days and maybe appreciate it better then any of us have ever 😀

Do you actively play / use your collection, or are you happy just to admire the shiny stuff sitting on the shelf?

A little from column A & a little from column B 😀

Would you ever sell your collection, or is it with you for life?

Oh God No, these things are my babies 😀 These things will stay with me for my whole life.

What’s your single most prized piece?

Hmm hard to decide, its a toss between my Snes Megaman x3 cart & my Megaman Canvas.

What’s the most you’ve spent on a single item so far? Go on, be honest – no-one is looking I promise.

I spent about $350 for both megaman x2 & x3 in a bundle off ebay, to me it was the best buy i ever got.

What’s something you’re lusting after that you don’t have yet, and why?

There are quite a few items actually, some included megaman legends 1 & 2 on ps1, still trying to get
banjo tooie (CIB), kirby and the crystal shards (CIB), Mario party 3 (CIB), thats just to name a few.

How complete do you consider your collection?

Not even close, and im gopnna keep collecting for as long as i live because im passionate about it 😀

Got any advice for people wanting to start a retro game collection? Where should they start? How should they start?

My advice would be to find cheap bundles & work from there, i have done this with all the consoles i own and now am slowly building
on them, also it gives you a better variety of games to collect.


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