Tabletop Collection – DONE!

Feels nice to look at a completed ‘set’ of something. Finally – after much planning, wheeling, dealing and no small amount of praying to ungodly spirits to grant me dark powers and the occasional Chorizo omelette – I have completed a set of Nintendo Game & Watch Tabeltops! (with additional ColecoVision release of Donkey Kong Jr thrown in for good measure).  The two recent additions were Snoopy and Mario’s Cement Factory. I already have these in the Panorama series, but I’m still going to fire up the Tabletops to get a feel for the different controls.

Very happy retro gamer at the moment, tumbling even further into the soul-sucking world of Nintendo Game & Watches….


2 Responses to Tabletop Collection – DONE!

  1. Amazing stuff!!! Makes my meagre look… Well, meagre 🙂

  2. Man, that’s one impressive milestone! Mario’s Cement Factory is the only Tabletop I own, and although I would love to own more, I just can’t bring the heartache on myself to hunt for the rest – and I live in the country of Nintendo!

    Great line-up there James. Very cool indeed!

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