A long time between drinks…

Wow. So it’s been a while, huh? Miss me? I say that as though there’s a dedicated reader base for this blog who have been raging against the Internet that I haven’t been updating the blog.

The truth is, most of my traffic comes from strange, alien random people looking for information about Game & Watches, or reviews of the Amiga classic ‘Zool’. Anyway, to those few crazy people that end up here, I offer my humble apologies.  I’ve been moving house though, so I totally have a concrete excuse. Let me tell you, if you think moving your couch from house to house blows, try moving a Mortal Kombat II arcade machine. Fuck that.

Hence paying moving people to do it for me.  Thanks people.

So I’m in the new place, and it’s awesome. The games room was the first thing that was set up (obviously!) and while it’s not exactly how I want it yet, it’s good enough to show off a few pictures. I also chucked in a photo of some recent arrivals from Japan (thanks Hollo!) which will be ingested into the collection.  Played Soul Calibur for a few minutes on the Dreamcast. Such a quality title, it’s aged so well and has some great flowing multi-hit combos, a bit like Tekken.

I have a lot of time for Soul Calibur, in all its incarnations. Enjoy the photos people, and keep your eyes peeled for my next update as I begin to explore the op shops, garage sales and markets of my new Melbourne home.


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