Station of play

The poor old Playstation, it gets such a bum wrap from segments of the gaming community, particularly collectors.

It’s such a common-as-crap console that everyone has got at least 50 of them buried around the house, and we all spend a great deal of time unsuccessfully trying to offload them to other people for a few measly bucks.  For those of us who have one in our collection, it doesn’t tend to get the play time that our other consoles might.

Why is that? Probably overexposure.  Sony’s first baby sold 100 million units or thereabouts, which means a lot of gamers have played a lot of Playstation over the years, it certainly doesn’t hold the same fascination for me at least as say the Master System, 3DO or Dreamcast.

The guilt got to me though. I decided it had been too long since I’d plugged the Playstation in and actually fired something up on it. So that’s exactly what I did.  Rather than choose to play a well known or well respected title, I instead loaded Star Trek: Invasion, having bought it ages ago and never gotten around to trying it out.

I was actually pleasantly surprised. Invasion takes the sights, sounds (including voice-overs courtesy of Patrick Stewart and other TNG cast members) and feel of the Star Trek universe and drapes them over a space dog-fighting game. Well too, I might add.  It’s a strange feeling to take to the backdrop of space in a small, lean fighter craft when Star Trek is known for its slow, lumbering capital ship style fights, but developer Warthog Games nailed the whole experience.  The music is grand and tense – a necessity for a space dogfighting sim – and the 3D graphics faithfully re-create scenes of taking on waves of enemy Romulan vessels. 

A fun pick up that I originally got more because it was a piece of Star Trek fluff, than because I expected it to be a good game. This could just be the catalyst that reignites my love for the Playstation, we’ll see.




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