Vectrex: Armour Attack

Armour Attack – though originally released as a full arcade cabinet – was virtually a shoe-in for conversion to the Vectrex in 1982. The arcade version shared so many traits with the Vectrex, they were both vector based systems, both using overlays to give the impression of colour, there was every compelling argument to add Armour Attack to the Vectrex library of titles.

I’ve never had the pleasure of playing Armour Attack on the arcade original but don’t cry me  a river just yet, because I do have a complete boxed copy for the Vectrex. The box contents have been spread out on the floor for your viewing pleasure.

Like the game itself, the manual conveys scenes of military carnage using ultra-simplistic images. Tanks? Sure – we’ve got tanks, but they’re just boxes with lines through them. Ahh, the never ending charm of the Vectrex.

Onto the game proper, and there’s not a terrible lot to figure out. You have a tank, you’re in a maze, and your primary focus is avoiding the fire of other tanks/jeeps/helicopters and executing them with barrages of ammunition.

There’s no music as such – being a Vectrex title – but there are enough bleeps and blips to keep you entertained as you navigate the maze trying to stay alive. The game is made more difficult than it should be by the limited Vectrex controls.

Stick movement only rotates your tank, you have to hold button 3 to move forward, and button 4 to fire, so you end up a bit all over the place when the action gets frantic. Not a bad game, but not one of the finest on the Vectrex. Maybe the arcade version had better controls? Anyone played the original and would care to comment?

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One Response to Vectrex: Armour Attack

  1. heamogoblin says:

    Never owned one of these machines, but i have played on them. The controls where certainly something to get used to 🙂 Great review.

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