The arrival of the Commodore 1084S-P1

My Commodore 1084S-P1 monitor arrived today and I wasted exactly 0.00 seconds getting an Amiga 500 hooked up to test out both the quality visuals and the sweet stereo sound. I was not disappointed in any way, shape or form.

This screen has the goods. Check out the inputs on the rear! It’s the late 80s / early 90s version of a Samsung Smart TV. ย The 1084S was so far ahead of its time.


Not only do you have RGB and composite (meaning this will do a fine job of providing audio-visual goodness for a SNES, Megadrive or Neo Geo (yes, I will be testing those out!) but you get a full range of H and V controls and other assorted goodness. Truly a gift from the Gods. For testing the screen on the A500 there was no going past RGB.

While you can already see from the above image the clarity that the 1084S spits out, you really need to get up close for a true appreciation…

Feast your eyes upon the crystal clarity of the Amiga 500 displayed via RGB. The above and below are shots from Dynablaster, one of my all time fave puzzle games on the Amiga.

I also fired up Shadow of the Beast – a Psygnosis classic – because Dynablaster didn’t have enough palette variety in the graphics to give me a real impression of where my $40 of hard earned cash had gone.

Shadow of the Beast did not disappoint, in visuals or sound. The 1084S stereo speakers were incredibly clear, and the amount of volume the monitor can crank out is truly impressive (although I didn’t leave it pumped for long…too many visions of this ancient wonder exploding into a thousand pieces of PCB due to being overworked)

Conclusion? Simple really. The 1084S in all its variations (including the P1) is simply THE monitor to have for a retro computer and game enthusiast. It’s an amazing all-rounder, providing the perfect companion to any Amiga system, as well as promising to be a great way to view a SNES or any other Composite or RGB enabled console. Sure, the 13 inch viewable area isn’t exactly going to rock your jocks, but it’s a small niggle amongst a wonderland of screen-awesome. ย I’ll throw up some shots in the near future of other machines hooked up to the 1084S-P1.







3 Responses to The arrival of the Commodore 1084S-P1

  1. That monitor looks positively delicious ๐Ÿ™‚ Reminds me that I have an RGB Commodore monitor in my nerd room, but I don’t think it’s as fancy as yours ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Great stuff! This wasn’t the one that died though was it? If so, did you end up getting it fixed?

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