Sega Saturn: Digital Pinball – Last Gladiators

Got a Sega Saturn? Fancy Pinball? Then you could do a lot worse than pick up a copy of Digital Pinball – Last Gladiators from publisher Kaze. Combining a thumping rock soundtrack with some awesome table designs, Last Gladiators captures the same sort of magic I felt playing Pinball Dreams/Fantasies on the Amiga. Each table (there are 4 in total) is suitably unique and contains all kinds of bonuses and specials. To keep you entertained and in the zone, the music hypes up and voice samples play every time you unlock a particular feature or something new lights up.

Here’s a photo of the game case as well as the always handy Sega Satellite region free cart we used to run this JAP release on our PAL Saturn.

  The choice of tables is limited, but each one is great fun to play. My personal fave is Warlock, which features some interesting Werewolf themed specials and bonuses.

In-game shots (admittedly via the incredibly shoddy Saturn RF signal) of the Warlock table


Last Gladiators has that key feature that a pinball game needs – it knows how to induce a frantic feel, this is no leisurely Sunday stroll, this is crazy action as you flip the ball all over the place, juggling score multipliers and trying desperately to light up the last letter of a massive points bonus. I’m suitably impressed and glad to find this gem among a random selection of JAP imports.  If you get the chance, pick it up and let me know what you think.



2 Responses to Sega Saturn: Digital Pinball – Last Gladiators

  1. Nice writeup there James!

    If you’d like to play one of the strangest Pinball games on the Saturn, I totally recommend Fantasic Pinball (yes, spelt like that). It’s like a cute’em up crossed with Pinball. It’s actually pretty good though.

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