Collector Spotlight #3: Emma from Melbourne, Victoria.

In the third installment of my look at fellow retro collectors and their shiny and diverse hoarding (er – I mean collections), I spoke with Emma from Melbourne to find out about her prized possessions, how she got into collecting game related stuff, and where it’s all headed. Enjoy!

First things first; Who are you? And where are you from?

Emma, Melbourne.

 What gaming systems did you grow up with?

When I was 6 my sister got a SNES with Super Mario world and my I loved it. Luckily I was able to play it all the time because I didn’t get my own console until I was 10, which was the Nintendo 64. I also had an original Gameboy.

 Describe your collection? What’s the focus? Where are you aiming to end up with it? When did you get started?

My collection is really focused on what I have played thought out my life and what I missed out on. I have gradually expanded to other systems and games as I have learnt more about collecting and other systems. But I don’t think I will expand beyond what was released in Australia.

 I started collecting 6 years ago when I finally purchased a gamecube and twilight princess. After that I wanted to re-play ocarina of time and an assortment of 64 games which I loved when I was young. I then decided to expand to other consoles I missed growing up but had wanted to play.

Eventually, I want the entire PAL-A 64 collection, every Zelda game on all systems and every post NES system boxed. Mostly I want to end up with an amazing collection, which is special to me.

 Why did you start collecting? A general love of gaming? Re-living youth?

I started 4 years ago. First I just wanted to have a small, modest but varied assortment of game goods. I had this fantasy as a 10 year old of an entire book case of 64 games, I really wanted to achieve that early on. I ended up really getting into gaming culture and history, which I had enjoyed as a child to. I can talk for hours about the Sega vs Nintendo saga; I just find that stuff interesting.  At first re-living my youth was my motivation, but inevitably I ran out material and was kind of disappointed by some games so now it’s a general love that keeps me going.

 Do you actively play / use your collection, or are you happy just to admire the shiny stuff sitting on the shelf?

It really depends on the item.  Some items are just interesting collectors pieces, like my Gameboy collection I have every Gameboy system but I only ever use the SP because it’s better, and play’s all the other systems games. I have a few sealed things too, which are just shiny things never to be opened J

 Would you ever sell your collection, or is it with you for life?

I may eventually sell parts of it that I never use but the stuff I originally collected is with me forever.

 What’s your single most prized piece?

Although it’s not particularly valuable, my Jungle green 64. I use it for all my 64 needs and I have always wanted one. Collection wise, it’s my Nintendo Magazine System collection. I have spent the better part of 4 years trying to get every issue. It’s been a lot of effort.

What’s the most you’ve spent on a single item so far? Go on, be honest – no-one is looking I promise.

Hmm, I usually buy bundled Items; I did spend $850 for a bundle from Adelaide and drove there from Melbourne to get it. Single item, would be a boxed Zelda Gameboy Advance SP for $120.

 What’s something you’re lusting after that you don’t have yet, and why?

A Panasonic Q, I can’t justify spending $500 on one item O_O

 How complete do you consider your collection?

I have a lot of items $0-$100 in value with a few pricey pieces in the mix. It’s those really expensive bits that take a long time to collect. I really don’t think it will ever be ‘complete’ even if I had every 64 title, I would still need to resell some and get boxed copies. After that I’d just move on to SNES.

Got any advice for people wanting to start a retro game collection? Where should they start? How should they start?

I found it easier to start with what I knew. As you go along you learn more about prices and items. Take it slow and really consider if you want complete copies of things or not, otherwise you will have to rebuy stuff. I usually buy in bulk that way I can resell the items I don’t need to buy more stuff that I want. Start with what you want to play the most, ebay is usually the easiest option, that’s where 90% of my stuff comes from.

And of course – no spotlight is complete without the juicy, juicy pictures. Feast your sense upon Emma’s assorted gaming goodies!….


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