Game & Watch Panorama: Popeye

Now that I’ve completed my set of Game & Watch tabletops, it’s time to look towards the next sub-set of Game & Watches I have a chance of completing. To that end I’ve snapped up a Panorama Popeye. This takes my total Panorama count up to three (as I also have Snoopy and Mario’s Bombs Away) but leaving the rarer and harder to acquire Panorama’s still to find. Actually, a little research reveals that the Donkey Kong Panorama isn’t too difficult to locate, but the remaining two (Donkey Kong Circus and Mickey Mouse) will be nigh on impossible to obtain. This gives me a sad face, but only when I think that far ahead. For the moment, I’ll revel in completing half of the set.

In true collector tradition, I took some pictures to share…

Popeye pictured with the other Panorama’s I currently own. Game & Watch sexiness can only be enhanced when photographed in the presence of other Game & Watches.

While Popeye features the same gameplay in Tabletop and Panorama form, it’s well worth collecting both purely to appreciate the different design of each.

The Popeye game screen. Spinach eating and fist fighting fun for the avid Game & Watch player!


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