Feeling up your box always pays off

Tonight I learned a valuable, treasured retro collecting lesson.

Never assume without careful scrutiny that you know every single thing you have in your collection.

When you buy things second hand (and particularly when you buy large lots of things second hand) you’re also buying the idiosyncrasies, oddities and habits of the person you’re buying from. They may have stored a games console, computer or other bits and pieces somewhere for years and have no idea what’s really in every box. Case in point, tonight I decided on a whim to double check that a few Commodore 64 cartridge boxes on my shelf actually had the cartridge games in them (I couldn’t remember if I’d taken them out to display loose)

It turns out, that a couple of boxes contained not only the game described on the outside of the box, but a bonus cartridge! Lemans had Clowns inside and Sea Wolf had Lazarian. So I’m pretty chuffed with 2 additional C64 cartridges seemingly out of thin air (or decaying cardboard).  Needless to say I’m now eyeing off the rest of my collection and thinking about devoting some considerable time to snooping around as-yet-unopened boxes to see what else I can find.

I’ll bet you’re starting to get the same itch, right?….



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