Entering the world of Amstrad

Thanks to a very generous friend of mine, I’m now the proud owner of a complete Amstrad CPC464. I say complete because while it’s quite common to come across the keyboard components themselves (which have a built in tape deck) they are pretty much useless without a specific Amstrad colour or mono monitor to run them off, as the monitor contains the power supply!

So imagine my unfettered glee when I was presented with a CPC464 keyboard, monitor, disk drive and games in tasty working order. Behold, the Amstrad!



I was pretty excited when I noticed on the HxC floppy emulator site that it was compatible with Amstrad CPC machines, unfortunately the CPC464 is not among them. The reason you can’t use the HxC is due to the fact the emulator requires not only a data connection, but power to be provided by the computer its connected to. The Amstrad external disk drive only exposes a ribbon cable for data, there’s no power connection to utilise. I suppose I could pop the lid on the Amstrad disk drive, but I’d rather speak to a few people more knowledgeable than I before doing that.

I did load up a couple of tape games, and have found the CPC a very curious platform. I wouldn’t say it’s as strong as the C64 from a gaming sense, but from reading some of the literature on programming with the CPC, I think it’d be a blast to learn how to code for.

Anyway, it’s New Years Eve, so I need to get my BBQ and my Cider on, and wish you all a happy and safe entrance into 2013!!!


One Response to Entering the world of Amstrad

  1. Awesome find mate, great to see a machine in such good order going to a loving home 🙂

    Happy new year too BTW!

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