Empire strikes out

Today I learnt a valuable lesson. The 1980s Star Wars arcade games don’t translate well onto home platforms, not even the mighty Amiga.  I fired up Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back today and was left feeling pretty underwhelmed when comparing the experience with my time spent in the cockpit of the original arcade cabinet.

It seems that when you strip away the cabinet itself and replace the original vector graphics with standard wireframe 3D, Star Wars loses appeal like a clean shaven Wookie. The conversion is reasonably faithful, with good sampled speech from the films and decent frame rate as you whirl around taking out Tie Fighters and Walkers but the whole gig pales in comparison with the arcade experience.

Probably a game best suited to being put on the Vectrex, and then having the Vectrex mounted inside a replica Star Wars cockpit. But then, if you’re going to go to all that trouble, you might as well just shell out a couple of grand for the arcade machine!

IMG_0699 IMG_0693 IMG_0692 IMG_0691



One Response to Empire strikes out

  1. heamogoblin says:

    I still like this offering to the Amiga, but i agree. Sitting inside the Starwars cabinets and having the voices speaking from just behind your ear was something else. “Luke let go!”, “Red five coming in”.

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