King Of The Bargains

IMG_0731-P30I just thrashed out a couple of rounds of King of the Fighters ’98 on the Neo Geo, and thought I’d stop in to let you know two seemingly important facts (at least to me).

1) KOF ’98 is a fucking killer fighting game. Massive roster, beefy arcade sounds and glorious big bold graphics, KOF ’98 on the Neo Geo AES truly is an arcade cab stuffed into a home console.

2) I consider this game one of my great bargain finds. The game itself regularly sells on eBay for around the $100 – $150 mark, so considering I scored this, a boxed Neo Geo AES itself, and a boxed second Neo Geo CD controller for the sum of $150 total….well, chuffed is a word I’d throw in there.

If you have an AES, then save your pennies up for this title. I’m not usually a big advocate of hunting down expensive games, but this is a no brainer. In my opinion if you own this, you don’t really need any other KOF games (although most of the others seem a fair bit cheaper, so if you’re on a budget then that may dictate what you get). Anyway, I’ll leave you with some tasty pictures of the action;

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2 Responses to King Of The Bargains

  1. Hi there,

    Sounds like you made a good deal there. 🙂 Looks like a stunning game!

  2. $150?! That’s an amazing deal! The last boxed AES I saw here in a local HardOff was selling for 15,000yen by itself – it lasted about a week and was sold too.

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