You must collect them all to stand a chance…

aIMG_0758I make no secret of having a thing for Street Fighter.

I’m shit at the game mind you (I mean I can throw a few dragon punches and whatnot but generally speaking against anyone with a crumb of skill I’m going to get busted) but I really like it. I really like the franchise. I love the merchandise.

I’ve got action figures, G.I Joe vehicles and Street Fighter SNES boxes littering the games room, which is exactly why when I came across these Kidrobot  Street Fighter “mini” figurines, I couldn’t pass them up. Nope, I tried – but each one jumped into my hands at approximately the same time $13 flew out of my wallet at Minotaur Games in Melbourne city.

I could remain composed, but there’s really no point holding back, these things are fun-sized awesome. With 20 different Street Fighter characters to collect (including color variations of the same fighter, e.g. a Blue Guile as well as Green)  the twist comes with the fact you have no idea which one you’re going to get until you’ve bought it. There’s nothing on the packaging to give away which character you’ve walked away with, so it makes collecting the entire set an interesting journey, and opening each box a slightly nerve wracking experience.



I can’t be 100% sure, but I think the numbers under each character indicate the odds of finding one in a box? Maybe? If that’s true then I’m pretty stoked, because I managed to grab the 1/80 ‘?’ character after only my third box. (Spoiler – it’s M. Bison).

Each box also comes with a cool sticker of the character, which you can, well, stick on stuff. And things. For now, I’m preserving mine until the right surface presents itself as in dire need of Street Fighter wallpapering.

Until then, I wait and hoard…

IMG_0759 IMG_0760


2 Responses to You must collect them all to stand a chance…

  1. Rylos says:

    You have the M.Bison…I hate you with a passion! Very envious! 🙂

    I love the Kidrobot Street Fighter figures and the randomness that comes along with trying to complete the set!

    – Mark @ Retro Domination

  2. Those are very cool! I’ve become a bit of sucker for collecting the SF merchandise as well recently. Haven’t gotten myself any of those figures though…. yet. 😀

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