So, a little about me.  I’m 32, live in Geelong, am a full time IT manager for a retailer and a freelance technology writer when it suits me.  It used to suit me a lot, but now only a little.  It gets harder and harder to meet writing deadlines when you’re slaving away at a full time job, you either go batshit insane or you drink far too much.

I did both, so I decided to take the foot off the writing pedal a little, at least for now.  Nevertheless, I’ve written about everything from the history of sex in gaming to feature articles on the use of 3D CGI for cinematic game sequences.

I even chucked out an entire magazine on Windows 7 a year or so ago. A mammoth 55,000 words about an operating system that – in my humble opinion – was and is a freakishly good effort on the part of Microsoft.  All good fun, good times.

Somewhere along the line I picked up an unhealthy obsession for Amiga computers and – from that – an unhealthy obsession around retro gaming / computing in general.  I love it, all.  There’s a real pioneering sense to the whole pre-millennium world of technology.  Wild cowboys using every last byte of limited resources to produce spectacular graphics and sounds in games, crazy tricks and creativity that’s lost on the modern world of big-ticket publishers and glossy 3D engines.  So I started collecting.  An Amiga 500 here, an original NES there.  the collection is still modest, but the passion is growing exponentially.  I’ve discovered a worrying relationship between the increase in my passion for old game consoles and a decrease in the contents of my wallet.

To use the Fox News mantra, ‘some people say’ it’s because I’m spending too much money on my collection.  I remain convinced that the more likely explanation is that a crackerjack team of CIA elves are breaking into my house every night while I’m sleeping, and stealing all my money.

Fuck those elves, honestly.


5 Responses to Me

  1. Glenn says:


    Found you on the Net and am a Nintendo G&W owner, looking to sell.

    Can I send some pics etc and get tips on buyers in Brisbane area?

  2. Winston says:

    What a total wanker! The reason for normal folk to steer well clear from IT

  3. amiga4eva says:

    Hey Winston, if you’re representative of ‘normal folk’ then us ‘IT’ are pretty chuffed that you’re steering clear ;).

  4. Nicole says:

    Those damned pesky elves!

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