CD32 Toolkit Assistant

Where to get it? 
Right here!  (Version

What’s new in version 


  • Attempting to remove mods or game files from the compilation without having selected anything from the checked list boxes will no longer mistakenly inform the user they’ve removed an item.
  • Changing the automatically chosen game name will no longer cause the Tool Kit to fail copying the .slave file with error “Not a valid slave file! at CD32ToolKitAssistant.frmCD32Main.CopySlaveFile()”


  • The ability to maintain a list of .mod format songs to be included in the compilation.
  • A health check you can run which ensures you have key files required for using the CD32 Compilation via WinUAE
  • Additional debug information captured if an exception occurs
  • The ability to create a build file of your ISO compilation, featuring version information and a list of games and songs in the compilation

What is CD32 Toolkit Assistant? 

CD32 Toolkit Assistant has been created to take some of the manual labour out of the creation of CD32 ISO image compilations of Amiga games.  It’s important to note that you will still require the following programs to build a successful ISO image of Amiga games that will load on a CD32

  • WinUAE
  • AMIGA CD32 Games Compilation Toolkit 1.1
  • Required kickstart roms
  • 1 or more WHDLoad Amiga games
All CD32 Toolkit Assistant does is allow you to select the disk image(s) for a WHDLoad game and have the program automatically build the required start, txt and slave files as well as generate the required folders etc within your CD32 Games Compilation Toolkit.  In theory, if you’ve configured your Games Compilation toolkit and WinUAE as per the Compilation toolkit PDF manual, you can just run CD32 Toolkit Assistant, select the images you want on the ISO and have them added with little fuss.  You can then finalize your compilation through WinUAE and enjoy Amiga games on your CD32! Specifically, CD32 Toolkit Assistant does the following for each game,
  • Creates the game folder within the Compilation folder
  • Moves the disk images to the required compilation folder
  • Moves the slave file to the required compilation folder
  • Creates the .start and .txt files for the game, with the required script data inside
  • Add or maintain a list of .mod track songs to play at the AMS menu of the compilation
  • Healthcheck your ability to use the CD32 Compilation Toolkit effectively
  • Produce build files of your compilations
The tool does not (yet)
  • Create or move IFF files to the required folder(s)
How to use it
  • Extract the rar files for any games you want to add to your compilation to their named folders somewhere on your hard drive (e.g extract PacMania.rar to \PacMania)
  • Launch the Toolkit Assistant. On first launch, you will be asked to locate your AMIGA CD32 Games Compilation Toolkit 1.1 folder (called AMIGA CD32 Games Compilation Toolkit 1.1 and typically in C:\Users\Public\Documents\Amiga Files\WinUAE)  ensure you select the correct folder, as the program uses this path to determine where to place your WHDLoad games.
  • The program will take you to the main screen. If you have any existing games added to your compilation, they will appear in the right hand list. You can select these titles and remove them if required.
  • Click ‘Choose Game Disks’
  • Navigate to the disks for your WHDLoad title.  The disk images are typically located in the root of your extracted WHDLoad game folder.  They are usually called Disk.1, Disk.2 etc (You can select multiple images from this dialog by holding down SHIFT when selecting)
  • Your disk images will now be in the main window.
  • The Toolkit Assistant will attempt to ‘guess’ the game title and place this into the Game Title text box. Check this, and if incorrect you can manually edit it.
  • You can also set the AMS text (a short bit of text that will show when you select your game from the AMS menu on your CD) in the next text box.
  • Finally, tick or untick ‘Use optional RAD disk’ depending on whether you want to use the RAD disk option of the Compilation scripting to make some games load faster. Apparently this setting doesn’t make a difference a lot of the time.
  • Click ‘Add Game’ when you’re done, the program will build the required folder and files, and add your game to the compilation.
  • Repeat this for all the games you want to add, add any mod files you want then when you’re ready, go into WinUAE, load your  AMIGA CD32 Games Compilation Toolkit (Debugging or Testing mode) and build your ISO compilation!
What if something goes wrong? 
If the CD32 Toolkit Assistant has any kind of exception/error, it should create a file called CD32Debug.log in the same directory as the program resides (You can review this log by going to the CD32 Toolkit Assistant menu and selecting ‘review log’). Please enter your details below, paste the contents of your debug log into the Comment section, and send a notification to me, I’ll take a look at it as soon as possible.

Updated versions?
Plans to release a future version that will assist with IFF images, MOD song lists etc are in the works, if you want to be notified about these things please feel free to add yourself as a blog subscriber and you’ll get the notification as a blog post.

29 Responses to CD32 Toolkit Assistant

  1. Markofwolves says:

    Hello, the link for download CD32 Toolkit Assistant don’t work. Do you have alternative link? Thanks!

    • amiga4eva says:

      Sorry about that! Should be all fixed now. If it’s not, let me know 🙂

      • darek says:

        looks like it doesn’t work again. Link keep redirecting me to main page. Is there any other way to download it? it looks great and i’d really love to use it. Help, please.

  2. Markofwolves says:

    Don’t work 😦 502 Bad Gateway

  3. Markofwolves says:

    Ok now work. I download WINUAE 2.40 and i extract in the winuae dir, your CD 32 Toolkit assistant but when i run the program i’ve this error:
    In the menu if i click to healtcheck i get a window wit red four red X.
    Solution? Thanks.

  4. amiga4eva says:

    Hi there,

    Sounds like you are missing one of the programs required for the CD32 Toolkit assistant to work. You need to download WINUAE and also AMIGA CD32 Games Compilation Toolkit 1.1, you need all of the below:

    AMIGA CD32 Games Compilation Toolkit 1.1
    Required kickstart roms

    Note: My program – the CD32 Toolkit Assistant – is a different program to the AMIGA CD32 Games Compilation Toolkit 1.1, they are BOTH required for this to work.

    The red X’s mean you are missing files that having the above will fix. It sounds like you have also pointed the Toolkit Assistant to the installation path of your WINUAE folder. You need to point it to your AMIGA CD32 Games Compilation Toolkit 1.1 folder instead. So the steps would be,

    * Install AMIGA CD32 Games Compilation Toolkit 1.1
    * Delete your CD32TKA.ini file from where you installed the CD32 Toolkit Assistant program
    * Re-launch the CD32 Toolkit Assistant program
    * Point it to your AMIGA CD32 Games Compilation Toolkit 1.1 folder

    If you want to check that you have the right folder path for your toolkit, locate the CD32Debug.log text file (wherever you are running the CD32 Toolkit Assistant program from) open it and look for a line like this,

    15/10/2011 10:20:54 AM Toolkit Folder: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Amiga Files\WinUAE\AMIGA CD32 Games Compilation Toolkit

    It’s important the last folder is AMIGA CD32 Games Compilation Toolkit

  5. Markofwolves says:

    The CD32 Games Compilation Toolkit is this? if no where i can download?

    For the Kickstart i need this two? Kickstart 1.3 and Kickstart 3.1

    Thanks 😉

  6. Markofwolves says:

    I find the AMIGA CD32 Games Compilation Toolkit 1.1. Now i don’t understand where i can put the two Kickstart (1.3 and 3.1). Thanks 😉

  7. amiga4eva says:

    There should be a ‘Manual.pdf’ with the Compilation toolkit. Have a read of that, it will tell you where to put all the files. Once that is done, instead of following the Toolkit manual and having to manually create lots of script files and other things, you launch the toolkit assistant that you downloaded here, and let it do all the hard work of building your compilation for you. Then you go to WinUAE to actually create your ISO.

  8. Markofwolves says:

    Ok now work but when i go to add the game i’ve this allert: could not locale slave file, chose it in the next dialog. Inb the next window i can sellect only the adf game file but i’ve this allert: NOT A VALID SLAVE FILE!

  9. amiga4eva says:

    Hi there,

    It is likely you are trying to use ADF files. You should not use ADF files with this process, you must use WHDLoad images instead. These are Amiga game images which have been built to run off a hard drive (and cd-rom). You can get them from here – Instead of using .adf files, you will find files with disk.1 and disk.2 and disk.slave extensions. If you are still having trouble, please paste the text from your debug.log for me to look at.

  10. Markofwolves says:

    Perfect, look here:

    now i don’t undestrand the next step. If i select one mod (ex. chuckrock.mod) in the “compilation mod box” i’ve a new windows but here i don’t know what i can choose.

  11. Markofwolves says:

    Ah another question: Wher’s the option for burn de compilation? I prefer plat the game in my CD32. Thanks 😉

  12. amiga4eva says:

    Hi there, looks like you are all finished! The CD32 Toolkit builds the required files each time you click ‘Add Game’ or ‘Add MOD’. Whatever you see in the ‘Current CD32 ISO titles’ and ‘Compilation Mods’ list are what will be included on your ISO. When you are happy with what you have in these boxes, simply exit the Assistant, then – as mentioned in the instructions about – go into WinUAE, load your AMIGA CD32 Games Compilation Toolkit (Debugging or Testing mode) and build your ISO compilation!

  13. markofwolves says:

    When I run the compilation in winuae I get this error:
    Do you know why?

  14. amiga4eva says:

    Hi there,

    Sorry but I haven’t seen that error before. As it has occurred in WinUAE and not my Toolkit assistant, I’d suggest that you search the error on Google, or go to the WinUA website – and see if you can ask the developers what the issue is.

    You can always provide me with the debug.log file from the Toolkit Assistant so I can check that you’ve done everything right as far as I know. The file is called CD32Debug.log and can be found in the same folder as the cd32ToolkitAssistant.exe

  15. Markofwolves says:

    The problem was in windows 7. With XP all work fine 🙂 If find only Back to the future 2 in ADF. Where i can find the WHLOAD version? In the websiste is presente only Back to the future 3… Or do you know a metod for convert ADF to WHLOAD? Thanks 😉

  16. markofwolves says:

    Update: I create the first compilation but i’ve a problem with many game. EX: If in the game directory i find disk1, disk2 etc this work great (Agony, Back to the future 3, North & South). If i don’t find disk 1, disk 2 etc (amazing spiderman, the lion king, fifa, flashback) i don’t understant what file i can choose. I try with many file (.slaive, simple name with no extension like lion, spidey or flashback) but when i run the game i receive dos amiga error.
    Do you know this situation?

  17. markofwolves says:

    Ah, if in the game without disk1, disk2 etc i select the file.slave, your program know the game and create the directory and data, but when i go to the menu compilation and i run the game i get a dos error 😦
    I need a special WHLOAD for CD32? If yes where i can get and in which directory i can put it? Thanks and sorry for my many question 🙂

  18. amiga4eva says:

    I’m sorry, I have only written the tool and tested it with games that have a disk.1, disk.2 etc. I am unsure why there are some WHDLoad games that do not have this file structure, I only use the games that have disk.1, disk.2 etc. You may be best contacting someone from the WHDLoad site to ask them? Maybe a forum? Please let me know if you find an answer, if there are improvements I can make to the Toolkit Assistant to help, I will 🙂

  19. markofwolves says:

    Sigh 😦 But why in your sample picture do you use the the .slave file?
    If with north & sud game i use disk1 this work, if i use the .slave file your program add the game but this don’t work. I think this don’t fint the game directory. I can edit manualy? And where?
    For the whdload i know this webiste: but i don’t understand the tematic.
    You can check and edit the program with the last version:
    Another question: Where i can fint the game with the disk1, disk2 etc inside? Many and many game don’t have this strucuture. Thanks.

    • amiga4eva says:

      You select disk files to add games to the toolkit assistant, but it uses the .slave file to keep track of each game in the ‘Currrent CD32 ISO titles’ box. This is because while there could be 1, 2 or more disk images, there is only ever one .slave file for each game, so it makes sense to use them to list what games you have added to the compilation. I am not sure why there are so many WHDLoad titles without disk images, I will have to investigate that, but if you find out anything please let me know. I don’t know how to build compilations from WHDLoad games without disk.1 disk.2 etc files, as even the CD32 Compilation Toolkit instruction PDF doesn’t mention what to do (and that’s what I used to base the Toolkit Assistant from).

  20. Markofwolves says:

    70% of the game don’t use the disk but only data file 😦
    Check this image:

  21. Markofwolves says:

    I find a manual solution. After your program create a game directory from .slave file, inside the direcotry we copy manualy all the game data. For magic the game start 🙂

    • amiga4eva says:

      So are you saying that for those games you just include every file in that folder? No matter what they are named? If so then I can add that function to the next version of CD32 Toolkit Assistant (so that if it cannot find a .slave file, it just copies everything from the data folder of the game across.) I’ll do some testing. Thanks 🙂

  22. markofwolves says:

    look here:
    To the left we have the whdload amiga game, to the right you can see the directory of the game create with the .slave file from your program.
    In the beginnig we have only the .slave file inside the directory, in the end i put in all file present in the whdload game + the file present in the directory data. You understand? 🙂

  23. markofwolves says:

    Ah, if the title is to long, this don’t appears in the compilation menu. Ex: AlienBreedTowerAssaultAGA don’t appears, AlienBreedTowerAssault apperas 😉

  24. val123 says:

    Ah, i test 20 AGA game but all this game give me this message: DOS error 103 not enought memory. Why? In WINUAE i up the ram to 4 and 8 but with the same result 😦

  25. amiga4eva says:

    Hi Val123, I’m really not sure on that one – sounds like an error with WinUAE emulation. You would be best to approach the developers of WinUAE to see if they can help you 🙂

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